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Vani-T, He-Shi and St.Tropez Spray Tanning

He-Shi Spray Tan
He-Shi spray tan and self tanning lotions come in several variations, specfically designed to suits all skin types, skin colour and provide a choice of depth to your self tan. The spray tan dries quickly, is suitable for face and body with no overpowering aromas. It also carries a 100% natural Ecocert approved DHA and contains paraben free formulations. He-Shi self tanner products are award winning ranging from tanning gel, express liquid, tanning mousse and gradual tan.

St.Tropez Tanning
In Revival Beauty Salon we use the revolutionary St. Tropez Ultimate Air Spray tanning system, the choice of celebrities and beauty editors. Application is quick, easy and enables a flawless tan to be achieved in just minutes. In order to achieve a perfect tan the client is advised not to wax or shave on the day of the treatment. Skin should be exfoliated well paying particular attention to dry areas such as the hands, feet, elbows and knees. Moisturiser, deodorant and make up should be avoided when coming for the treatment and the client should wear loose, dark fitting clothing and flip flops.

Following the application of fine atomised St. Tropez mist the client is advised not to shower for up to 8 hours at least. Any contact with water during this time will more than likely remove the tan. We generally suggest the client "sleeps" in the tan before having a light shower the following morning. Any products with exfoliator or microbeads should be avoided as these will remove the St. Tropez. Traces of the product will more than likely come off on bed linen and clothing however it will not stain and will wash out. In order to maintain the tan the client should apply moisturiser daily and to gently exfoliate the skin every couple of days to remove any dead skin cells which otherwise may give a "patchy" appearance. These easy steps will ensure the tan fades evenly. The client should pat dry the skin and not rub with a towel after showering and avoid swimming pools as chlorine will bleach the tan. With correct pre and post care the tan may last up to 5 -7 days. A good exfoliation is key to a good tan!

Vani-T Tanning
Revival now supply the World's first 1 hour wash and wear tan - loved by celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue! Liquid Sun's Vani-T tan is an internationally renowned luscious, natural and organic based formula. Wash off your Velocity tan at the following times to achieve the result you desire (NB your tan will continue to deepen after showering): 1 hour (light tan), 2 hours (medium tan), 3 - 4 hours (dark tan).

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